Our design proposal for the Barilla Pavilion takes its inspiration from what we believe to be the key values of Barilla: tradition, family and community. We envision the new addition to the Barilla headquarters in Parma not as a singular building, but a series of pavilions linked together by a path, a journey much like the history of Barilla. It is through this journey that we can create an experience, a sense of place, a destination where different events take place, an adaptable environment that is multifunctional, comfortable, resilient and optimises the use of natural resources. Our design approach begins with the idea of bringing something unique to the existing site, a new topography that defines low as well as high points. It is on this new topography that we then define the boundaries of the pavilion’s footprint, a covered space that is sheltered by a canopy under which the programme is distributed by its different function. Much like an event space, the new Barilla pavilion acts as a container for new activities, community gathering and exploration..